Lathe Chuck For High Speed Machining

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Schunk offers a new version of the Rota NCFplus power lathe chuck, which features an integrated centrifugal-force compensation to enable high speed machining. It has a larger chuck bore than its predecessor to cover the diameters of commonly used raw materials. The base jaws incorporate a multiple-tooth guide to improve guiding conditions. Designed to make the chuck more flexible, a modular center sleeve system can be replaced quickly from the front, the company says. Users can choose a sleeve with a workpiece stop, central coolant or an ejector. The chuck body is hardened and weight optimized, which can prolong tool life and increase accuracy. In addition, the chuck’s low weight is said to allow acceleration to high speeds. All functional parts are hardened and ground, while an additional seal in the piston area prevents the ingress of coolants in the chuck body.

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