Lathe Designed For Precision And Speed

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New from Chevalier Machinery, Inc., the FBL-1233 can excel at mixed-volume, short-run or dedicated high-volume applications. The slant bed lathe machines bars with diameters as large as 3.5" at speeds as fast as 2,500 rpm. It also offers X and Z travels of 12.6" and 32.3" and rapid traverse of 708 ipm for accelerating machine cycle times.


Positioning accuracy on the X/Y axes is ±0.0002" and ±0.0004" respectively, with repeatability of ±0.0001" and ±0.0002". Another feature designed for minimizing cycle time is the 10-position indexing turret that offers tool-to-tool indexing in 0.5 seconds. Other features include boxways, a 35-hp AC digital spindle motor with a two-speed ZF gearbox that delivers 68 foot pounds of torque and a 12" hydraulic chuck.



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