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11/21/2006 | 1 MINUTE READ

Lathe Spreads Work Over 6 Independent Spindles

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Designed for producing complex components without secondary operations, the MultiAlpha 6x32 has a three-axis independent counterspindle with five backworking tool positions. With a 1.260" (1.340") diameter bar capacity, the machine spreads the work over six integrated independent motorspindles with synchronous motors. Each spindle functions independently of the others for cutting rpm, spindle stops and indexing. Manufacturer Tornos Multispindle by Hydromat says the spindles with independent speed settings enable the full range of cutting tools to be employed, extending tool life and improving the quality of the produced components.


With every position potentially being used as a C axis, transverse milling or drilling operations can be performed at any time and on all spindles, the company says. The spindles can be synchronized in angular fashion, allowing positioned operations such as eccentric drilling to be performed at several different stations. For additional flexibility, either high-performance or high speed motorquills can fit on the end units. The former motorquill delivers high torque starting from its lowest speeds, and the latter retains the same torque even at high rotational speeds.


Simultaneous operations are performed together with operations from the frontworking units, cross slides and counter-spindle. The counter-spindle holds the component during the cutoff operation before presenting it to a tool slide for back-end operations such as turning, drilling and milling. The slide can be equipped with five tools in vertical and/or horizontal positions, while an independent motor can drive as many as three tools. To save space, the machine features an integrated pallet system between the lathe and the electrical cabinet.