LeanDrum CF Washer Accommodates High-Volume Needs

Originally titled 'Washer Accommodates High-Volume Needs'

LeanDrum CF Washer provides an energy efficient, reliable solution for high-volume cleaning needs and cold forming applications.

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Ransohoff, a division of Cleaning Technologies Group LLC, has introduced its LeanDrum CF Washer. According to the company, this platform provides an energy efficient solution for high-volume cleaning and cold forming applications.

The LeanDrum CF uses stainless steel tanks, drum and housing, premium electrical components, a full immersion cleaning system and forced air dryer technology. With this design, there is less chemical utilization and better oil control, resulting in a longer bath life, says the company. This design enables the ability to apply more aggressive chemicals without foaming. The washer is designed to allow easy drum removal for maintenance, with no crane required.

The LeanDrum CF is a wash, rinse and blow-off machine in a small footprint of 5.3 ft. wide × 11 ft. deep × 5.3 ft. height. The part production rate is 12 ft.3/hr. at 2 PRM design drum speed, with a variable speed drive capable of 1-3 RPMs. It is said that this machine offers full immersion cleaning, eliminating any need for pumps and nozzles.