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Learn To Program Swiss Machines


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The company’s 7-hour, 46-minute “M” series programming training system is used for learning to program and understand the Citizen Cincom M1, M2 and M3 version Swiss machines, which include the M12, M20 and M32 machines. Created by a former Citizen Cincom applications engineer with more than 25 years of manufacturing experience, this training system is designed to simulate a hands-on experience by using more than 2,500 different scenes ranging from quality solid model renditions to extensive live machining footage, the company says. The training covers topics from program structure, to process creation, to pick-off routines and all M and G codes the machine uses, the company says, including information on difficult codes and techniques. A 115-page manual and a student test-and-answer key are included. Rapid searching is accomplished through an extensive menu found on the DVD format. This system is created for well-seasoned programmers as well as machine operators.