Lightweight Nibbler

The lightest of Trumpf’s heavy-duty nibblers, the N 700-2 nibbles 0.275-inch thick steel and 0.106-inch thick stainless steel. A new streamlined design offers the guidance and mobility necessary to handle workpieces with bends of up to 90 degrees, double sheets and welded sections, the company says. The nibbler is useful for various applications, including tank and container construction, coil lines, sheet metal projects, metal structures and elevator construction, commercial vehicle manufacturing and shipbuilding.


At 8 lbs, the N 500-6 gives users the ability to nibble with one hand. Despite its light weight, this nibbler can cut around corners and 90-degree angles in six-gauge stock. It works steel, stainless, aluminum and plastic, and it is especially suited for coil line applications, such as cut-off for changing material, cut-off of test pieces and cut away of crashed material around the stamping head. Other applications for which the product is suited include cutting open or cutting up vessels or underground storage tanks, dismantling of glove boxes and the modification of fabricated steel parts.


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