Line of Cutters Now Offers More Sizes and Depths


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Hougen Manufacturing has expanded its Copperhead line of carbide-tip annular cutters to include more sizes and depths. The cutters are now available in diameters ranging to 2" and in depths of cut from 2", 3" and 4". The line of cutters is said to provide better wear resistance, reduced cycle times, increased tool life and more holes-per-tool productivity in high Brinnell hardness alloys or abrasive materials, such as cast iron. The special tooth geometry and full-length flutes are designed to maintain better chip flow than common styles of carbide-tipped cutters, the company says.

The cutters are available with two different shank styles. The standard two-flat shank is said to fit most magnetic drills and can be used with drill presses and machining centers with an appropriate spindle adapter. The newer cutters have Fusion Groove Innovation shanks for use in magnetic drills with tool-less arbors. The cutters also feature two 90-degree set screw flats to fit magnetic drills with standard arbors. A special surface treatment enhances toughness and durability, and gives the cutters a distinct “copperhead” color. Cutters are available individually or in kits.  


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