Line Of Solid Carbide Boring Tools

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Criterion Machine Works introduces a 0.125” diameter solid carbide qualified length “QL” boring tool to  line of solid carbide boring tools.

These tools feature a repeatable Z length of ±0.001" from a nominal set length. The QL tool’s close tolerance length minimizes a machine’s downtime when users have to change a tool during a production run. The tools have a closely held locating angle to insure the Z-length repeatability. The locating angle also locates the cutting edge on center for longer tool life.

There are 17 different bore diameter and length configurations of the tools. Minimum bore diameters will range from as small as 0.050" to as large as 0.110" in diameter. The boring tools are also able to bore holes as deep as 0.7", depending on the bore diameter.

The qualified length tools need to be held in a the company’s qualified length toolholder. The toolholders are available in ¼". 3/8", 1/2", 5/8" and ¾" shanks and are designed for use in the company’s precision boring heads.