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The company offers a line of waterjet cutting technologies, including a high rail gantry, the X-Stream xP90-100 intensifier pump and a contact height sensor.   The high rail gantry features a stable overhead design to allow full access to the work envelope and raise critical components out of the process environment. It uses high-volume, low-pressure air around the ballscrews and linear motion guides and bearings. The gantry has a ±0.005" accuracy of motion over the entire work envelope, ±0.001" linear positional accuracy over 12" travel per axis, and ±0.001" bi-directional repeatability.   The X-Stream xP90-100 intensifier pump is capable of producing pressures in excess of 90,000 psi, and it supports a 75,000 psi continuous operating pressure. It reduces taper to as little as 0.001". The pump is capable of producing flow rates of 1.45 gpm and supports orifice diameters up to 0.017". Its fittings and tubing are rated for 100 ksi.    With the contact height sensor, waterjet operators can overcome fluctuations in material flatness by maintaining a constant automatic standoff within approximately 0.040" (1 mm) of a set standoff height. This enables improved cut quality, tolerance, taper and speed, the company says. The company's AquaVision Di controller software also provides feature avoidance for the sensor. The software can be configured to allow as many as four heads with height sensing to be controlled independently.

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