Linear Motor Stage Makes Tuning Parameter Adjustment Easier

IMTS 2018: Zaber Technologies’ X-LDQ-AE ironless linear motor stage has a built-in controller, which contributes to ease of setup.


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Zaber Technologies’ X-LDQ-AE ironless linear-motor stage features a built-in controller to ease setup. According to the company, the stage ships pre-tuned with its software to facilitate easy adjustment of tuning parameters. The stage is computer-controlled with high precision and speed capabilities. As a stand-alone unit, it requires a standard 48-V power supply. The built-in controller and linear encoder enable closed-loop servo positioning. An optional indexed knob provides manual control. The stage connects to the RS-232 port or USB port of any computer, and the power and data can be “daisy-chained” with other Zaber products.