Linear Stages Enable Operations at a Range of Speeds

IMTS 2018: Chieftek’s CLS linear stages feature the company’s LM series of direct-drive linear motors and its precision linear guides.


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Chieftek’s CLS linear stages combine the company’s LM series of direct-drive linear motors with its precision linear guides. Compact and rigid, the stages enable size optimization for given thrust requirements.

The stages’ ironless linear motors and aluminum sliders provide low self load, which makes them suitable for high-acceleration and high-velocity applications. Actuated by their linear motors, they also run well at low speeds without cogging force, the company says.

High-precision positioning is achieved using closed-loop control with optical-encoder-based feedback. Available precision grades include normal (N), high (H) and customized precision (P). The stages can also accommodate multiple sliders on the same axis, each controlled separately.