Live Center Turns Ultra-Small Workpieces


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Riten’s extra-light (X-Light) live center is designed to turn workpieces weighing as little as 2 ounces at speeds as fast as 8,000 rpm while holding concentricity of ±0.00005. Applications include making parts for the aerospace and medical industries as well as for small-engine components.
The shell is manufactured from low carbon steel and is case-hardened, while the spindle is manufactured from 52100 ball-bearing steel and through hardened to 60 Rc. Precision angular contact bearings are graded and matched at the factory to obtain the proper fit necessary to hold concentricity in high speed applications.

The live center’s small bearing head diameter and long spindle provide clearance for small workpieces, which is said to make it well-suited for high-production machine tools running light parts. The centers are available in Morse tapers and customized designs. 


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