Live Centers Suited For Workholding Devices

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LMC Workholding’s Neidlein Ultra Live Centers are suited for high-thrust operations with face drivers and other workholding devices, heavier depth-of-cut lathes, larger workpieces and high-precision grinders. These live centers feature tight runout tolerances and are said to be long lasting.


The live centers are available in carbide or half carbide and are equipped for high axial and radial forces and for high rpms. The centers offer 0.0002" total indicator reading (TIR) for lathe work and a  0.00012" TIR for grinding.


Other features include improved tool clearance between the workpiece and housing and a maintenance-free design due to permanently sealed and lubricated bodies and bearings. A full-sized frontcap protects the high speed seals, which in turn protect the centers from contaminants and coolant. The frontcap also protects the seal systems against chips and other particles, offering a better performance for vertical applications.


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