Local, Cloud-Based Machine Data Monitoring, Collection


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Makino’s ProNetConnex provides the data and connectivity necessary for intelligent factories to rapidly respond to fluctuating market demands. The platform is said to offer manufacturers an integrated, instant path to the Industrial Internet of Things, with secure connectivity to software management systems via the MTConnect standard. With support for both secure local network and private cloud-based data resources, ProNetConneX gives users the ability to connect, collect and analyze machine data from anywhere in the world. Makino has developed the platform to provide simple and secure transmission of machine information across connected devices on the factory floor, from machine status monitoring and utilization to ERP system integration.

ProNetConneX facilitates the free flow of machine data through a variety of capabilities, including real-time data collection and accessibility, machine health monitoring, cloud data collection either locally or over the internet, secure local network and cloud-based systems connectivity, and MTConnect v1.3 compliance.

The platform is fully integrated into Makino’s latest machine controls, requiring no supplemental hardware. Additional machine sensors can be installed within machines and added to ProNetConneX to expand data collection capabilities based on manufacturers’ unique needs.

Compatibility with the latest MTConnect standards enables Makino’s ProNetConneX to connect with a company’s choice of software management system, including solutions from Memex, Scytec, Lemoine, Freedom eLog, Forcam and many other providers. For example, machine data can be supplied to the Forcam system for part production monitoring, control and interfacing to MRP/ERP systems. Data security and cloud services are enabled, making the networking platform familiar and easy to use for IT technicians, the company says.


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