Lollipop from Sphinx Adds Undercutting Tool to Big Kaiser's End Mill Lineup

Big Kaiser introduces the Lollipop end mill from Sphinx, designed for machining undercuts, deburring and multi-axis machining.


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Available from Big Kaiser, the Lollipop end mill from Sphinx is designed for machining undercuts, deburring and multi-axis machining. Because undercuts can be difficult to machine with a standard end mill, especially on three-axis machines, the Lollipop has been engineered to make this operation easier. The undercutting angle used in most operations is between 220 and 300 degrees, and so the corresponding angle for the Lollipop from Sphinx is 270 degrees. Although frequently associated with a singular use, lollipop cutters are versatile tools for a variety of shop-floor operations, the company says. For example, the tool is also said to deliver cost and time savings with deburring operations, replacing inefficient manual processes. Its edge-breaking capabilities also provide quality surface finish. 


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