Long-Length Drill For Automotive Powertrain, Hydraulic Parts

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Kennametal introduces a solid-carbide long-length drill designed for drilling small-diameter, deep holes into automotive crankshafts, camshafts, connecting rods, cylinder heads, cylinder blocks and hydraulic blocks for anti-lock braking systems. The company says the drill offers metal removal rate increases of as much as 100 percent over competitive gun and high-speed steel drills. It also has a minimum of 10-percent better metal removal rates compared to competitive solid-carbide products when drilling 15 X D and 20 X D, the company says. The point has a four-margin design to help maintain stability throughout the cut. These margins are located only on the forward portion of the drill. The diameter behind the flutes is slightly smaller, providing more chip clearance and less contact with the hole wall. The drill's 135-degree high-positive (HP) point geometry reduces thrust necessary to create a hole, and its centering ability increases accuracy, the company says. The drill’s 12.5-percent cobalt submicron substrate and hard physical vapor deposition (PVD) coating offers high durability, toughness and wear resistance, the company says. The post-coat treatment (polishing) is designed to reduce friction in flutes, on margins and the cutting edge, and its 30-degree helix helps convey chips from the hole. The core adds strength at the point and allows for deep, chip-accommodating flutes. The drill is available in standard diameters ranging from 3 mm to 13 mm and in standard lengths including 15 X, 20 X, 25 X and 30 X D. Custom drill diameters and lengths are also available.

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