Machine Complex Parts In One Operation

Offering a positioning accuracy of ± 0.000039" and repeatability of ± 0.00002", the Mytrunnion from Kitamura Machinery of USA, Inc. is appropriate for machining orthopedic and fixation implants, as well as surgical and dental instruments, including various medical appliances.


In addition to providing favorable surface finishes the vertical machining center's simultaneous, five-axis capabilities can help manufacturers save labor and tooling costs, says the company. This potential benefit can be attributed to the machine’s ability to machine high-precision, complex parts in one operation.


The #40 taper, 20,000-rpm spindle produces output under a range of cutting conditions, allowing the machine to accommodate numerous applications on materials such as titanium, aluminum and steel. Other features, such as a boxway construction, rapid feed rates of 1,969 ipm and standard linear scale feedback, enable the precision necessary for high-tolerance work, says the company.




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