Machine Designed For Speed, Rigidity And Precision

According to manufacturer Absolute Machine Tools, Johnford’s Super Hi-Net SHV-1000 has the speed, rigidity and precision required for high speed mold machining. The machine is equipped with roller-type linear ways on all axes as well as large-diameter, pre-tensioned ballscrews. The company says the strength and vibration damping of the machine’s Meehanite castings provide quality surface finish and prolong tool life. With rapid traverse rates of 944 ipm in all axes, the machine features a 24,000-rpm, HSK-63A spindle with 31 hp for medium roughing and fine finishing. For more cutting torque, an optional 18,000-rpm spindle is also available. XYZ axis travels are 41.3" × 24" × 20". The machine’s table has a working surface measuring 47.2" × 23.6", and it can accommodate workpieces weighing as much as 2,640 lbs. Positioning accuracy is ±0.0002", and repeatability is ±0.00008".