Machine Long Workpieces With Slant-Bed CNC Lathes

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Centric International offers the Top-Turn S50 series slant-bed CNC lathes. The lathes feature a 12" chuck, a 25" center height, a 50" swing over bed and travels of 26" in the X axis and 78" to 236" in the Z axis. The addition of C- and Y-axis capabilities makes this machine suited for precision turning and milling of large-sized printing rollers, straight-toothed shaft couplings, main shafts, main-shaft bearing caps, main-shaft lubricating sleeves, yokes, scrolls, cambered parts for shafts and various other large diameter, long parts.


The lathes can achieve low rotation speeds and high-torque performance while offering a sturdy structure to ensure high stability and precision during cutting, the company says. It adds that the 45-degree bed and modular sheet-metal housing offer convenient loading and unloading of long and oversized workpieces.


The lathes offer a standard, extra-large spindle bore with a diameter of 9" with larger bores available as options. It can be installed with front and rear chucks to securely fasten workpieces and decrease swaying of workpieces during rotation. The gear ratio enhances the horsepower and torsion of the spindle to reach 270 hp.


The lathes are also said to incorporate Fanuc drives, motors and controls to ensure high levels of reliability, quality and ease of operation.