Machine Monitoring Solution Supports Over 100 Protocols


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Glebar’s Advanced Analytics cloud-based machine monitoring solution is said to provide real-time data enabling the user to make production decisions remotely on a smart device or computer. The machine monitoring system collects data from Glebar machines and other machine tools and communicates via MTConnect, OPC UA or a wide variety of machine-to-machine protocols. It interprets and synthesizes the data and delivers real-time analytics, enabling operators and managers to reduce scrap and increase machine capacity, uptime and output.

The company says that Glebar Advanced Analytics includes KPIs such as overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), quality and performance. The KPIs and role-based templates are said to facilitate quick startup and to help the operator realize process advantages. According to the company, dashboards are set up and displayed by employee role, showing the user what is important without overloading them with data. Employees at any level can use the product, says the company.

In addition to MTConnect and OPC UA , Glebar Advanced Analytics also supports more than 100 different protocols such as Modbus and Profinet. The plug-and-play system is offered as part of a complete Glebar grinding and/or gaging solution or as a stand-alone product, says the company.


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