Machine Options Boost Productivity, Tool Life

IMTS 2018: Soraluce offers a range of value added capabilities for its milling, boring and vertical turning machines.


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Soraluce’s Advanced Technology Series includes a range of value-added capabilities to improve productivity, extend tool life and reduce downtime on its milling, boring and vertical turning machines.

Examples include Dynamic Active Stabilizer (DAS), the Dynamic Passive Stabilizer, the Visup 3D measuring system (DPS), the CNC Ram Balance module and the Automatic Chip Breaking process. The DAS monitors and controls chatter in the cutting environment to increase feed rates and cycle time. The DPS monitors and damps vibrations in fixtures and work-holding devices. The Visup 3D is based on 3D vision technology. It enables raw part validation and assistance with large part alignment procedures. The CNC Ram Balance compensates for ram droop on large horizontal boring mills. The Automatic Chip Breaking process is designed for turning on horizontal boring mills and for VTCs. 


  • Tips for Tapping Titanium Alloys

    Creating threaded holes in titanium alloys calls for proper techniques based on an understanding of both the properties of these materials and the peculiarities of the tapping process.

  • A Time To Tap, A Time To Mill

    Thread milling and tapping are two methods for machining threads in a hole. Tapping is more popular, but thread milling has several advantages that might be important in your application.

  • Dealing With A Spot Drill’s True Point Position

    A spot drill has a 90-degree point angle, which makes it easy to calculate the depth of a hole to be spot-drilled. You simply divide the diameter of the spot-drilled hole.