Machine Recycles Grinding And Polishing Fluids

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Used with a single CNC or in a large manufacturing cell, the Turbo-Separator T15-2 is an automatic solids-discharging centrifuge that recycles grinding and polishing fluids by removing 1- to 10-micron particles trapped in the fluid. Available from Sanborn Technologies, the centrifuge can process as much as 25 gallons per minute with a solids-removal rate as high as 100 lbs. per shift of sludge or swarf. Automated controls sequence the process and allow unattended operation. The centrifuge’s custom bowl design and high rotational speeds ensure that the discharged solids are dry. Operated by a PLC, the machine is equipped with sensors for monitoring operating parameters such as bearing wear, centrifuge speed and sludge discharge. According to the company, the centrifuge can improve product finish, increase tool efficiency and reduce the frequency of machine tool maintenance.

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