Machine Small Components With Five-Axis Line

Chiron offers the FZ 08 KS M five-axis machine for simultaneous five-axis machining and the machining of tilted working planes with three linear and two additional axes. The AI Nano high-precision, contour control allows for automatic control of the feed rate with high-resolution interpolation for high surface quality and precision, the company says.   Integrated with an NC swivel rotary table with a fourth-axis tilting range of ±110 degrees and a fifth-axis featuring 360-degree rotation, this machine allows for machining of complex workpieces.   The machine comes with spindle speeds as fast as 36,000-rpm; rapid traverse of 70 m/minute; tool change times of 1.5 seconds; chip-to-chip times of 4 seconds; and Siemens or Fanuc controls, all in a space-saving footprint. It delivers X-, Y- and Z-travels of 18" × 11" × 12".   The machining center is suited for small components such as watch faces, medical implants and electronic parts.

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