Machine With 115 V Power Receptacle

The Power MIG 215 features a 115 V auxiliary power receptacle to power grinders, lights, cordless toolchangers; almost any power tool or charger in the shop. This machine features 215 amps at 30 percent duty cycle as well as a wider output range at 30 to 250 amps. These additional amps are said to allow operators to tackle thicker materials and a greater number of applications.

The machine features a new industrial drive system that has a tachometer regulated drive to accurately monitor and maintain a constant wire feed speed for improved welds. A brass-to-brass connection from gun to wire drive system ensures reliable electrical connectivity, and the use of a separate drive gear reduces pressure on the drive motor shaft for long life.

The company says the machine's Diamond Core technology creates a robust, forgiving arc that delivers smooth start, low spatter and outstanding performance, even on aluminum and stainless. Seven voltage tap ranges make it easy to operate.

The machine features a large and lockable tool tray and storage compartment; an easy-load gas cylinder platform to change shielding gas cylinders; and a standard 15' 250-amp rated gun.

A professional level spool gun is offered as an option for the machine. This gun is rated at 250 amps at 60 percent duty cycle. This gun comes standard with a 25' cable for added reach. Adjustable wire feed speed control at the gun allows users to fine tune welding procedures.

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