Machines Feature Open-Architecture CNC

Available from Creative Evolution, the HSD-series consists of the HSD-500, HSD-1000 and the HSD-820 machining centers. The machines are designed for high-performance milling of complex three-, four- and five-axis contours. All of the machines are equipped with the company’s custom open-architecture CNC as well as laser and ballbar validation of accuracy and performance. The latest model, the HSD-820, features 30" of cross travel and a bridge-type construction. The 33-hp spindle uses HSK-50E tooling and is capable of speeds as fast as 36,000 rpm. XYZ axis travels are 32" × 30" × 18". The HSD-1000 is available with an optional 59" or 78" X-axis travel or the standard 50" travel. Z-axis travel is 23.5" with 7" under the spindle to accomodate large tools and the tilt/rotary fourth and fifth axes. Y-axis travel is 39.5", and the machine is equipped with a 33-hp, 36,000-rpm spindle. The HSD-500 has XYZ axis travels of 20" × 16" × 16". Its 11-hp spindle is capable of speeds as fast as 60,000 rpm.