Machining Center Accomodates Large Workpieces

Available from GF Agie Charmilles, the Mikron HPM 1850U traveling-table-type machining center offers simultaneous five-axis machining for workpieces with volumes as large as 56.5 cubic ft. The machine’s pallet size is 49.2" × 39.4", and it has high dynamics in the X and Y axes, the company says.


The machine is equipped with an HSK63 tool interface and a millinghead driven by direct-drive, high-torque motor that generates torsional force without the use of belts or gears. It features 35-kW spindle output at 15,000 rpm with more than 190 Nm of torque. Additionally, the spindle housing is tightly attached to the rotor to allow gear clearance and reduce wear and tear.


The company's Smart Machining Modules allow users to monitor and record spindle vibrations using the Advanced Process System (APS). Further, the machine’s iTNC 530 Heidenhain control system provides operators with free contour programming, freely definable sub-programming and preset work cycles for automation during unmanned hours. Two pallets are located outside the machine to allow the operator to set up, while a third pallet is located inside the machine.

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