Machining Center For Heavy Workpieces

Hermle Machine says its C 50 U Dynamic machining center extends the C series’ capabilities to cut larger, heavier parts. With XYZ axis travels of 1,000 × 1,100 × 700 mm, the machine can accommodate workpieces weighing as much as 2,000 kg. Rapid traverse rates are 60 m per minute in the X and Y axes and 55 m per minute in the Z axis. In addition, the Y axis is equipped with tandem drive for higher machine dynamics. The machine is available with an NC swiveling rotary table with clamping surface diameter of 700 mm or an optional 1,150 × 900 mm diameter. Both tables use an integrated torque motor on the C axis and a tandem drive motor on the A axis. The A axis is capable of speeds of 20 rpm, while the C axis can reach 30 rpm. Both are said to increase flexibility by offering a swivel range extending to +30 degrees/-115 degrees. According to the company, the machine is useful for simultaneous five-axis and/or five-sided machining of large automotive parts, aircraft parts or precision molds. It can accommodate parts with diameters as large as 1,000 mm and heights ranging to 810 mm. Precision is in the single-digit micron range, the company says.

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