Machining Center For Specialized Applications


The U 740 machining center designed for toolroom, moldmaking and other specialized applications delivers high precision performance. Constructed on a mineral casting base and featuring three-point support geometry, it has travels of 740 mm in the X axis, 500 mm in the Y axis and 500 mm in the Z axis. Spindle speed ranges from 12,000 to 18,000 rpm and the worktable can handle up to 700 kg. The chain magazine handles 16 SK 40 tools with a maximum length of 280 mm and a maximum tool diameter of 80 mm. An optional ring magazine with 28 pockets for either SK 40 or HSK A 63 tools with a maximum length of 300 mm and a maximum diameter of 80 mm. Designed with a swiveling head that encloses the spindle and spindle motor, the machining center uses a patented Z offset that minimizes the distance between the table and the tool to a scant 40 mm. The main spindle (or B axis) swivels from -5 degrees to +95 degrees.

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