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Machining Center With High-Pitch Ballscrews And More

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Datron Dynamics, Inc.’s excelsior EX is suitable for applications ranging from engraving steel and stainless steel to machining small parts from plastics, aluminum and brass. Specifically, EX stands for EXtra low-pitch precision ball screws. The use of these ballscrews results in a resolution of ± 0.00008", an absolute accuracy of ± 0.0005" and a relative accuracy of ± 0.0002".


While ballscrews yield precision above the workpiece, a solid granite slab (used for the machining table) combined with an aged cast-steel chassis provides virtually vibration-free rigidity beneath it, says the company. These features in concert with double-sided, Y-drive precision guides and a 60,000 rpm high-frequency spindle make the machine useful for small, intricate parts.


The machining center is equipped with a 20" × 20" machining area; a 60,000-rpm spindle (capable of 475 ipm); Windows-based controller and software; five-tool automatic tool management system; tool-length sensor and tool database; Ethanol-Mist coolant system;   Ethernet and remote monitoring capabilities; and more.