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Machining Center With Large Y-Axis Capacity

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Combining 30” of Y-axis travel with 35.4” of Y-axis mounting span to improve rigidity, the WV-108A machining center is well suited for machining oversized workpieces. The machine is also appropriate for users such as die and mold makers who want to use one machine for both roughing and finishing.  Employing low-friction, high-loading roller-bearing linear guides on all three axes, the machine is appropriate for both fast machining and massive workpieces.

A 12,000 rpm (15,000 rpm optional) isolated direct drive spindle, with spindle chiller, effectively isolates and dissipates heat resulting from long running time by means of ceramic bearings and an air-cooling system, minimizing thermal-related inaccuracy in high precision machining.  These ceramic bearings are seated with angular contact for good axial and radial rigidity.

The WV-108A is equipped with YCM’s own MXP-200i control by Fanuc, with  features including the i-Operation software enhancement exclusively from YCM. The machine has an envelop of 44.1” × 30.0” × 27.5”, with table load of 2,600 pounds.


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