Machining Center With Turning Capabilities

The SHW UniSpeed 5 is a traveling-column machine with turning capability, allowing users to complete many parts in a single setup with five-sided machining. This universal CNC machining center is designed for precision machining of aerospace, petroleum and mold components. The bridge-type machine features stable mineral castings and requires no special foundation.   The XYZ work envelope is 63" × 63" × 47" and machine column X-axis travel is 78". It has a rapid traverse rate of 98 fpm and 2G acceleration. The universal spindle head allows five-sided machining with 64,800 programmable spindle orientations and can accommodate both vertical and horizontal applications. The machine has a 35-hp spindle that offers spindle speeds as fast as 6,000 rpm. A high-frequency, 30,000-rpm spindle is also available. The turning table diameter measures 63" with a table load capacity of 13,200 lbs. Maximum speed for turning operations is 250 rpm.