Machining Centers Designed For Small, Medium-Sized Parts

The YBM7T and YBM8T precision centers from Yasda are constructed for accuracy and speed in small and medium-sized parts and die/mold machining. Twin ballscrews and hybrid box-type guideways positioned on either side of the spindle head of the machines’ Y axis are said to provide stability and accuracy. High rigidity and high damping performance against machining force are achieved during high speed machining in the X, Y and Z axes. Also, the company’s spindle bearing preload self-adjusting system provides a large preload during low speeds for heavy cutting, and it adjusts the preload according to the heat generated by the higher speed spindle. A diaphragm coupling, co-axially connecting the spindle cartridge and motor, enables accurate rotation of the spindle at full rotation speed.


To support the high speed performance of the TBM7T, scissors-type pallet forks that quickly rotate on a direct-turn system have been incorporated. This design also reduces the machine’s floorspace requirements.


To minimize thermal effect and energy consumption, the machine uses an inverter control system for the heat exchanger and hydraulic unit. The company’s thermal distortion stabilizing system and coolant temperature control system are available as options to further minimize internal and external thermal distortion of machine structure and maximize precision.