Machining Centers(2)

The UCP 1150 is the newest development in the company's series of high-performance machining centers. It is said to deliver simultaneous five-axis machining with a versatile, tilting milling head and a fast and accurate heavy load rotary table. The product is based on a refined cross-bed construction, which is said to ensure large axis movements with unrestricted access. The product features a highly-stable, low-vibration base structure. The machining center is designed to be able to switch from a vertical to a horizontal machining process in 1.7 seconds to provide a range of machining capabilities, including producing undercuts. Five-sided or five-axis simultaneous machining can be achieved in one single set up to accommodate applications ranging from heavy roughing operations to highly accurate, five-axis simultaneous machinging of complex turbine blades. The design and construction of the product is said to feature a accurate 1,000 mm diameter roatary/til table that can handle loads up to 1,000 kg with a rotational speed up to 40 rpm. It is supplied with a heavy-duty tool changer system installed outside the work area to provide flexibility and process reliability while reducing tool-changing time. An integrated 30-position tool magazine is standard. An optional 46-92-position tool magazine is available. The products is equipped with the company's iTNC 530 control system.

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