Magnetic Clamping System With High Holding Force

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According to manufacturer Schunk, using the Magnos magnetic clamping system in conjunction with the Unilock quick-change pallet system can provide flexibility and reduced setup times. The magnetic system enables five-sided machining at high holding forces without interference from contours of the clamping device. Pole extensions that act as workpiece support allow users to position different workpieces rapidly and precisely, the company says. The system uses electro-permanent magnets, which are said to require only a small amount of electricity to activate and deactivate the magnetic field. In addition, the poles’ quadratic geometry enables uniform clamping force. Poles are available in sizes of 50, 75 and 100 mm to suit users’ individual holding-force requirements. The magnetic clamping plates can be equipped with Unilock clamping pins when combined with the company’s Unilock quick-change pallet system.

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