Magnetic Conveyor Separates Chips

The Magna-Tote conveyor by Mayfran International is designed for handling ferrous and nonferrous chips at individual machine tools. The system incorporates a combination of design elements, including a stationary magnetic force and a conveyor with both a scraper-type function and standard bed-style conveyance to efficiently separate ferrous chip materials from coolants and to convey both ferrous and small nonferrous particles.


A permanent magnetic bed plate is located in the base of the unit at the dirty coolant point of entry from the machine tool. As coolant flows over the plate, ferrous materials are captured and held, while clean coolant exits through a manifold arrangement that is said to ensure maximum coolant exposure to the magnet. The conveyor belt travels past the magnetic bed plate where stainless steel scrapers with notched urethane wipers clean the chips from the plate onto the conveyor belt, which then elevates and discharges the chips to waste bins.


Because the conveyor does not rely on traveling magnetic fields to capture and convey chips on the belting material, the system is also capable of providing positive conveyance of nonferrous materials.


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