Magnetic Milling Chucks

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The Turbo-Mill MMC magnetic milling chuck is an alternative workholding option to traditional clamping methods in CNC machining centers. The chucks provide workpiece clamping for a range of vertical or horizontal machining applications. Uses include surface grinding, profiling, face milling, edge milling, slotting and drilling.

Featuring electronically-activated permanent holding and the ability to be disconnected from the power supply, the chucks are portable and suitable for use in off-machine pallet loading applications.

Drilled and tapped holes in the magnetic face facilitate positioning of riser blocks. The riser blocks then allow the location of workpieces above the chuck so that through-machining operations are accomplished without damaging the magnetic surface.

Allowing single setup machining with five-sided accessibility, these chucks produce uniform holding over the workpiece surface, virtually eliminating edge clamping distortion. According to the company, they also aid in dampening vibrations.

Available sizes range from 13.62” × 11.88” × 3.14” to 40.07” × 19.76,” with voltages of 208V, 220V, 480V or 560V.


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