Manual Gear Gage Reduces Risk of Damaging Part



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Marposs has released its M62 Flex manual bench gage system for the production floor, which provides the flexibility to measure gears with different diameters without mechanical retooling. Utilizing a universal reference “Vee” on a 30-degree angle eliminates the need of using an ID centering post (or nosepiece) to locate each part for measuring, reducing setup time.

The gage employs servo-driven actuators and is the first smart gage that integrates “soft-touch” technology when engaging with the gear being measured, the company says. Soft-touch technology addresses the issue where green parts and master parts could be damaged by the measuring contacts. The M62 soft-touch technology employs a software routine by which the measuring group is able to approach a gear surface in velocity mode, with a controlled low force, while the position error is monitored, resulting in better control of the process and avoiding damage.

The M62 Flex can inspect odd- or even-toothed helical and spur gears with external diameters from 30 to 180 mm, heights ranging from 15 to  40 mm and modules from 1 to 4. It has mechanical turrets with capacity to locate up to 12 contacts each and is suited for inspecting DOB (MdK), major diameter and minor diameter.


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