Manual Three-, Four- And Five-Axis Pallet System

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Midaco’s M-RPC manual pallet system is designed to reduce spindle downtime on lathes, mills and fourth- and fifth-axis rotary tables. It uses a common receiver that can hold all of the systems' available pallet sizes, which consist of 8.5" (216 mm), 10" (254 mm) and 12" (305 mm) diameters. According to the company, the system can improve productivity by allowing quick change-over of parts or fixtures on virtually all types of fourth- and fifth-axis rotary tables, mills, lathes, EDMs and other machines. The system incorporates a custom mechanical clamping system that does not require air, hydraulic or power lines. Providing clamping force of 6,500 lbs (2,925 kg), the system offers repeatability of ±0.0001" (±0.0025 mm). In the clamped position, its height is 3.187" (81 mm). For safety, the clamp/unclamp handle cannot be removed unless the pallet is in the locked position.

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