Marking System Conforms To Requirements

Conforming to requirements ATA spec 2000 and AS9132, the company's 350 Data Matrix marking machine complies with individual manufacturer requirements for engines and airframes.

The machine is said to provide fast and accurate repeatability using an electromagnetic stylus marker operation, with automatic sensing in the "Z" axis.

The system produces a 2D bar code capable of marking information that can be read in any orientation and stores more data, the company says. The mark is said to use a fourth of the space required for bar codes and it produces a repeatable 2D barcode on metal or plastic.

The company has developed a "dual needle" head, which can be incorporated for combined 2D barcode and alphanumeric marking.

The machine accepts data from a computer keyboard, barcode scanner or in-house system, integrating to a customer's IT system and functions via a 100 x 50 mm marking window.

The marker also has the ability to mark, check and verify automatically at its work station, according to the company. The machine is said to support all major industrial vision systems and can incorporate a fixed camera mount flange.

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