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9/15/2003 | 1 MINUTE READ

Marking Tool

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Sheetmarker tools permanently mark sheet metal parts with assembly codes, serial numbers, names and etchings. The tool is useful for companies with quality programs requiring part traceability by marking parts with data such as pallet number, machine number, sequential serial number, time and date. This information can be beneficial to companies with a multiplicity of product and part families involving many machines and many production lines. When used in a turret punch press, the tool can create an automated running total of production as well as enable instructions or guiding marks to be etched. That way, additional product operations, like bending or welding, can be streamlined and total part quality can be improved, the company says. The tool can be programmed to mark anywhere on the sheet without marking the backside or deforming the material. Images are said to be smooth and consistent. The mark depth is variable, which the company says allows for precise control over logos or names. The tool is not limited by material type or thickness. Because it is designed with a backing spring, variations in sheet flatness or warpage are automatically adjusted for by the tool to retain even and consistent marking, according to the company. The tool itself when assembled consists of a diamond insert, an insert retainer, an insert holder, one spring and a roller die. These components are assembled in a standard Mate Ultraform B station holder. The tool comes in a hard plastic storage case with instructions; an alternate diamond insert; two additional springs, each of different pressures; and a hex key. Using the programming software in the CNC punch press, the tool produces any pre-programmed series of letters, numbers, words, symbols and other designs in any direction and position on the sheet metal surface. Setup is fast and easy, says the company, because no additional machine hardware, such as letter or embossing inserts, is required. These tools are available for Amada, Finn-Power, Murata Wiedemann, Nisshinbo, Strippit/LVD, Euromac and other punch presses using thick turret style tooling.