Mastercut's High Performance End Mills Increase Throughput

EMO 2019: Mastercut Tool’s High Performance endmills are said to increase speed and tool life.


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Mastercut Tool’s high-performance end mills are said to increase speed and tool life. The High Performance tool group, which includes the V4, V5, HY5, F45, AxMill, HyperMill and Alumazip, provides features that ultimately reduce cost per part, according to the company.

Mastercut’s Ultra Performance end mills have special honed flutes that result in quieter running and are said to increase overall tool precision. The nanocomposite coatings PowerNR and PowerN contribute to throughput and tool life with an improved surface finish. The company says the V4 Ultra is designed for a variety of applications, while the V5 Ultra is meant for finishing. The F45 Ultra is designed for finishing titanium and other exotic metals, and the HY5 Ultra is meant to be used for stainless steels.


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