Maximize Thermal And Vibration Resistance

The Wenzel “Mmthos” generates high speed scanning measurements for monitoring the production of high-tolerance automotive engines and transmissions, as well as high-tolerance safety-critical aerospace components. The CMM has a measuring range of 1,000 mm × 1,600 mm × 800 mm and volumetric measuring accuracy of ISO10360 MPEE 1.5 + L/250. Xspect Solutions attributes this level of accuracy to the machine’s custom construction that incorporates elevated guide elements manufactured from granite and large bearing distances to create a stable and precise guideway geometry. In addition, the Z-axis drive is supported separately by a sleeve on a linear guide.


By combining the stability of the CMM with the Renishaw Revo five-axis measuring system, CMM dynamic error is minimized for the high speed motion on the probe that performs most of the work, the company says. The probe head is said to now be lighter and more dynamic; it can follow changes in part geometry without introducing harmful dynamic errors. As a result, scanning rates of 500 mm/sec can be achieved.



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