Mazak Offers Quick Turn 200/250 Turning Centers with Gantry Robot

Mazak offers the Quick Turn 200/250 series of multitasking turning centers configured with a GR100 gantry robot for “done in one” part processing and fully automated loading/unloading.


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Mazak Quick Turn 250 MSY with a GR100 robot

Mazak’s Quick Turn 200/250 series of multitasking turning centers can be configured with a GR100 gantry robot for complete part machining and fully automated loading/unloading. The company engineered the GR100 to easily integrate into any of the Quick Turn 200/250 models, including the two-axis, milling, Y-axis and/or second-spindle versions. No special robot/machine interface is needed, and programming is performed via the Mazatrol SmoothG CNC. For application flexibility, two workpiece-table configurations are available, as is end-of-arm tooling with three-jaw grippers.

All GR100 robots are equipped with a D3 two-sided, three-jaw gripper with a part range of up to 7" in diameter, 6" in length and total weight of 44 lbs. To reduce machine idle time, Mazak complements the GR100 with a servo-driven automatic door that allows the robot entry into the machine envelope with rapid traverse rates of 3,937 ipm on the robot’s A axis and 7,087 ipm on its B axis.

The GR100 robot package offers two workpiece table configurations, including a two-pallet changer that allows parts to be positioned in rows across each table, and a 16-position rotary stocker that can stack parts on each individual position. The two-pallet changer makes it possible for operators to access the pallet on one table while the other table is shuttled into the load/unload area for uninterrupted machine operation. The rotary table design with stacked parts allows for greater initial density of parts but without access during automatic operation. A single part-discharge tray can also be added for unloading specified parts for inspection.