Mazak VC-Ez 20 Provides Cost-Efficient Vertical Machining

Mazak’s VC-Ez 20 three-axis vertical machining center with onboard Mazatrol SmoothEz CNC offers an affordable, compact option for reliable, precise machining.


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A photo of the Mazak VC-Ez 20

Mazak has launched its VC-Ez Series of three-axis vertical machining centers, which it describes as a lower-cost solution for reliable machine-tool performance. Featuring the company's new Mazatrol SmoothEz CNC and optimized for simple operation as well as fast and easy installation, the company says its VC-Ez machines offer enhanced ergonomics, stable and reliable part processing and long-term dependability.

The VC-Ez Series launches with the VC-Ez 20, and soon will include both the smaller VC-Ez 16 and larger VC-Ez 26. All VC-Ez Series machines sport C-frame designs with X- and Y-axis motion via moving tables and saddles. For rigidity and repeatable part precision, guideway systems use Mazak’s MX linear roller guide systems, and pre-tensioned ball screws ensure precise axis movement. Auger-type chip removal systems provide economical operation, with optional hinge-type chip conveyors that ship affixed to the machines to eliminate additional shipping pallets.

Axis travels for the VC-Ez 20 measure 41.34” in X, 20.08” in Y and 25” in Z, allowing the machine to accommodate workpieces 49.21” long, 19.37” wide and 22.4” tall and weighing up to 2,204 lbs. The machine has a 26.5% smaller footprint compared to other models, measuring only 102.65 ft.2

The VC-Ez 20 features a powerful 40-taper, 12,000-rpm, 25-hp spindle and 30-tool magazine automatic tool changer. Options include a versatile 15,000-rpm, 29.5-hp spindle with 81.13 ft-lb torque and a 50-tool capacity tool changer.

Mazak’s Mazatrol SmoothEz CNC provides dual 800 MHz processors, 512 MB of RAM and a vibrant 15" capacitive touchscreen that displays up to 60 lines of code. Within the control, EIA/G-code and Mazatrol programming languages support a full range of programming options directly on the machine.

Shops can preview the VC-Ez Series machines and Mazatrol SmoothEz CNC at Mazak’s new Ez Series website, https://www.MazakUSA.com/Ez.


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