10/1/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

Mazak’s Quick Turn 250MSY and GR100 Add Automated Multitasking

Originally titled 'CNC Turning Centers Add Automated Multitasking'
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The Mazak GR100 integrates into any of the Quick Turn 200/250 series machine models.


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Mazak Corp.’s Quick Turn 200/250 Series of CNC turning centers features a flexible machine base suitable for numerous configurations. The Quick Turn 250MSY multitasking turning center uses part processing capabilities and fully automated part loading/unloading with the GR100 gantry robot for improved efficiency.

Mazak pre-engineered the GR100 to integrate into any of the Quick Turn 200/250 series machine models, including the two-axis, milling, Y-axis and second spindle versions. For application flexibility, two GR100 workpiece-table configurations are available.

All GR100 robots come equipped with a D3, two-sided, three-jaw gripping hand with a part range up to 7” in diameter, 6” in length and total weight of 44 lbs. The D3 hand design allows shops to load/unload a variety of chuck work. To significantly reduce machine idle time, The GR100 is integrated with a servo-driven automatic door that allows the robot entry into the machine envelope at a 3,937-ipm rapid rate on the robot’s A axis and 7,087-ipm rapid rate on its Baxis.

The Quick Turn 250MSY headstock features a 10" main chuck mounted on a 35-hp, 4,000-rpm integrated spindle motor that generates 343 foot-pounds of torque for heavy-duty metal removal. To accurately position parts for square facing/slotting cuts and precisely drilled holes, the machine’s main turning spindle also serves as a full-functioning C axis that is programmable in 0.0001-degree increments. A second spindle with 15 hp, 6,000 rpm and a 6" chuck enables the Quick Turn 250MSY to automatically transfer parts and perform secondary operations.

The machine’s 12-position, direct-drive turret eliminates the use of belts for improved part surface finishes and reduced maintenance. It can be configured with either VDI or bolt-on tooling. The turret’s rotary tool spindle delivers 10 hp, 6,000 rpm and 52 foot-pounds of torque. And with an optional tooling package, 10,000 rpm is available.


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