MC Machinery's Mitsubishi SV12P Features AI Control Technology

IMTS Spark: With adaptive control technology, the Mitsubishi SV12P sinker EDM from MC Machinery is said to take the guesswork out of estimating machining time.


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MC Machinery Mitsubishi SV12P

With adaptive control technology, the Mitsubishi SV12P sinker EDM from MC Machinery is said to optimize performance, improve productivity, reduce electrical consumption and take the guesswork out of estimating machining time. The AI technology, called Maisart, makes logical use of condition monitoring data. For example, it can diagnose real-time problems within the burn and directly modify specific parameters for a stable and accurate output. This reduces overall electrode wear and allows machine operators of all experience levels to produce quality results in complex cavities and shapes, the company says. By monitoring these parameters, the machine can be more efficient as well as more accurately predict machining times — traditionally a difficult task.

The EDM has three circuit options. 

  • The standard NP2 circuit provides an ultra-fine, satin surface finish anywhere on the table surface.
  • The enhanced Glossy Mirror Finishing Circuit (LLTX) improves mold releaseability without the need for polishing.
  • The HPS circuit enhances machining speed while reducing electrode wear when working with exotic materials such as polycrystalline diamond (PCD), cubic boron nitride (CBN) or carbide.

With the Mitsubishi M800 large-format intuitive controller, the SV12P can be equipped with MC Machinery’s remote360 diagnostic technology and a video camera for remote visualization.

A new Thermal Displacement Compensation System and Z-axis cooling mechanism improve accuracy by tracking and compensating for machine temperature changes. The GV80P power supply reduces electrical consumption by 20% compared to the previous FP model. Designed to work in unison with the IDPM3, this combination has shown as much as an 80% reduction in wear on graphite electrodes with a 50% reduction in machining time. 

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