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3/1/2018 | 1 MINUTE READ

MES System Supports Single-Part Manufacturing

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Tebis America’s ProLeiS manufacturing execution system (MES) offers data management, manufacturing planning and manufacturing control functions to control individual parts for dies and injection molds from quote to finished product.

Tebis America’s ProLeiS manufacturing execution system (MES) offers data management, manufacturing planning and manufacturing control functions to control individual parts for dies and injection molds, from quote to finished product.

The system enables project managers to check whether proposed projects can be processed and whether required delivery dates can be met during pre-planning, giving them an understanding of processes by providing overviews of milestones, degree of completion of dies and resource assignment.

The system also offers tools to organize and control capacity once planners, project schedulers and machinists have created project plans. It defines and schedules manufacturing steps for individual parts using standardized planning templates. Once planning is complete, it provides a supply of orders for each resource, employee or machine for processing in sequence.

The software can help purchasing agents to order the material and outsource, as well as to integrate suppliers in data management via the vendor interface. This can help to ensure that parts are ready on time at the machine and in the assembly area before manufacturing starts.

Designers, machinists and programmers can use the system to manage data and approvals. Approved orders automatically appear in the order supply for the subsequent instance. Its flexibility enables changes such as rush orders or modifications.

Tebis’s consultants can help companies implement the software, analyzing processes and modeling resources in a client/server environment to generate company-specific steps for manufacturing planning and control as well as data management. The system also includes mobile apps for different roles that enable participants to access data and evaluations. 


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