Metal Coating Process

The company introduces Microlok AO, an environmentally-friendly metal coating process for iron and steel components.


The immersion tank process works on all iron and non-stainless steel surfaces. It forms a non-toxic aluminum oxide conversion coating that is 0.000040" ( 1 micron) thick , which is bonded to the part surface. When sealed with a rust preventative topcoat, the coating protects parts during storage and shipping while providing break-in lubricity and anti-galling protection.


Unaffected by temperatures as high as 1400°F, the finish can be used in high-heat applications. The company says it also serves as an excellent base for paint finishes or other topcoats.


According to the company, the finish provides corrosion protection that is ideal for tooling and machine components; automotive parts such as tie-rods and ball joints; and oil-field equipment.

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