Metalforming Technology

The company has introduced ServoPro technology, which is said to give customers the flexibility to optimize press operations by providing a programmable stroke that offers an infinite number of combinations. It is designed for metalforming applications, and the company manufactures its direct drive motor. The product requires no special mechanisms because the company mounts its high torque, low rpm motor directly to the press driveshaft. As a result, the flywheel, clutch and drive motor found on a standard mechanical press are eliminated. This technology offers the same stroke length and torque rating of a conventional mechanical press. It also gives stampers the ability to use full torque at very low speeds, delivering greater part accuracy and longer die life, according to the company. When combined with automation, the product is said to allow the user to program the stroke configurations that optimize the cycle rates to improve productivity. The technology is suitable for the forming of special materials and will initially be made available on the company's NC Series gap presses and its straightside presses up to 400 tons, with introduction of larger straightside presses later this year.

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