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Metalworking Fluids Meet New VOC Limits

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Quaker Chemical Corporation offers four new metalworking fluids designed specifically to comply with new VOC limits.

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Quaker Chemical Corporation offers four new metalworking fluids designed specifically to comply with new volatile organic compound (VOC) limits established by the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD). The new restrictions on VOC emissions from the use of metalworking fluids and direct-contact lubricants at industrial facilities directly impact the metalworking industry in four Southern California counties: Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside County and San Bernardino County.
The company’s new corrosion preventatives, Ferrocote 26V LD and Ferrocoat 30V, enable customers to meet the SCAQMD VOC emissions requirement of a maximum 50 g/L without switching from oil or synthetic-based materials to water-based or water-dilutable products. Likewise, two new cutting oils, Quakercut 010 VES and Quakercut 026 VPE, are designed to provide high performance in various machining, tapping, grinding and drilling operations while maintaining required VOC levels of less than 75 g/L. 

The company notes that in addition to the four new products developed specifically to comply with the new rule, a wide range of its existing offerings already have VOC levels within the acceptable limits. These include other Ferrocote products, various machining and grinding fluids, and a range of metal-forming lubricants.   

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